Meet the Smarts

Lightwave Smart Family

Introducing the Smart family: Mr Smart, Mrs Smart, Charlie and, of course, Watson the dog. The Smarts are the stars of our new online lighting campaign. In five films (one 90 second film and four 15 second clips) we discover how Lightwave lighting has synced perfectly to the family’s lifestyle – from waking up gently to bedding down in a cosy home.

The beautifully animated films have been brought to life with a nod to the charming stop-motion style of beloved British children’s shows like Trumpton and Camberwick Green. This style provides us with an enchanting way to showcase the possibilities of Lightwave technology when it’s at the heart of the home.

We’re hoping this will just be the first of the Smarts’ many adventures as they explore Lightwave technology and its potential. To quote our narrator: how very, very clever.

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