Smart sensors

Make sure that you're always keeping an eye on things.

Track your energy use from your phone, check for open windows and doors, or trigger lights automatically when you enter the room.

Keep track of energy usage:

Energy usage

Energy Monitors allow you to keep track of your energy use in realtime from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. Use Lightwave to turn off power hungry devices then compare the power usage. This is a great way to help understand your consumption habits and to reduce your energy bills. Energy Monitors also track and log data, and you can view and compare historic data in graphical format using the Lightwave Web App.

Wireless sensors:

The Magnetic Trigger

A lot of energy can be wasted when windows are left open in a heated room. When attached to a window frame, a Lightwave Magnetic Trigger can automatically instruct a Lightwave radiator valve turn down the radiator temperature when it detects an open window. It will then automatically restore the temperature when the window is closed.

Night time:

PIR Sensor

If the kids get up to use the bathroom, there path will be safely lit. Even better, the dimmer will automatically turn off again once they are safely back in bed, so the lights don’t stay on for the rest of the night!

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